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other countries have their figure skating set to classical music and soulful movie soundtracks


and then there’s canada

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[ This what happens when you leave me alone with photo shop and meme that is trending. ]


キルア: 「それじゃだめだ。」
ゴン: 「キルアじゃなきゃだめなんだ!」

campaign to end hate on gon in order to protect killua

he may be toxic but luckily for both of them killua is immune to poison

When do you leave?

The beginning of next week…


What if.



So the translations of the latest HxH chapters are not great, especially given the epic walls of text that Togashi is indulging in at times, but I just wanted to clarify (at least for myself), my reading of Ging’s actions and intentions are.

And they’re pretty explicitly outlined in the manga:  Ging wants to get to the Dark Continent.  Equally, though, he wants to thwart the impeding destruction that Pariston is intending.  Because Ging’s very clear that he regards Pariston’s plans as wrong and destructive.  And he’s mad.

He’s trying to stop Pariston. 


Warning: spoilers behind the Read More if you’ve not read Dark Continent Arc.

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Gon, the Pussy Hunter

(Sorry if it’s short. I’m on my phone and slow getting back into rp on here.)

"Gon…You’re flawless, a perfect gem. But that pure nature can be your undoing."


I just realized that Gon has had one of his arms injured in every single arc of the series. So I wanted to list them all.

Hunter Exam: Left arm broken by Hanzo in fifth phase.


Heaven’s Arena: Right arm is broken by Gido’s tops. (then Killua steps on it…)



Yorkshin: Right arm…